Monthly Archive: June 2015

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Succeed With ADHD TeleSummit

This year’s TeleSummit, hosted by ADHD Coach Laurie Dupar, features over 20 speakers who will share their knowledge and experiences on many different subjects. The telesummit is FREE to register for and covers 5 days. You can listen to the calls live on the phone or over the web. If...

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for ADHD

Last meeting, we talked about DBT as a burgeoning therapy for treating ADHD in both children and adults. DBT stands for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and was devised by Marsha Lenehan as a therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder. But its its concepts and skillsets are so useful and applicable to anyone...

ADHD and Money Management 0


The subject of money is an important one for ADDers. Many ADDers find themselves at odds with money and in any number of situations because of their management of it and their attitude toward it. People with ADHD have a greater amount of debt, more difficulty paying their bills, and...

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