About ADHD?OK!

I created the ADHD?OK? Peer Support group about six months following my diagnosis of ADHD. I was 40 years old. I had lived my whole life up to this point not knowing why I wasn’t measuring up to everyone else. Why I had such difficulty doing things that other people thought were simple. Why I was constantly put down and ridiculed because of the way I behaved.

It was only because of my family that I came to find out that I had ADHD. I had actually gone to have my young daughter tested. This was a suggestion by my partner at the time who put it to me that ADHD runs in families and that I probably had it too.

It’s important for me to note to you at this point that I was one of those people who thought ADHD was a complete and utter fallacy. I didn’t think it existed and I was scoffing at the whole ‘movement’ that suggested to me that it was a plot by pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs to children. So I had nothing to fear if I took the test to please my partner, because how could I be bothered by a diagnosis of something I thought was nonexistent?

However, after taking the screening test my doctor gave me and being told I had ADHD, I began to do some research. At some point soon after I began to do more research and I knew that I had it; the symptomatology was too close to ignore. I had my eureka moment. I started reconstructing my memories in the context of what I was reading about ADHD and the sense of it slapped me in the face.

Once I had overcome some measure of denial and started to accept that I had this disorder, I began to look for resources in my community. Sadly, I found a decided lack of such things when it came to adults. There were plenty of options for ADHD children and parents of ADHD children, but nothing for adults within 50 kilometers of my hometown. So, being the kind of person I am, when I see a gap somewhere, I like to be the person who fills it in, so I began putting together the concept of an ADHD group that was peer-based and forward-moving. I wanted to do this for my sake, of course, but I also knew that there must be other people out there who were in the same position I was and also looking for help somewhere.

I held my first meeting in 2011 and had six people show up. It was very encouraging because I found that some of these people were coming in from out of town, so it was an indication to me that I had done the right thing. There is definitely a need for such a group in my community. I am looking forward to many more years of growth and kinship with my ADHD family!

If you would like to know more about the group and how it runs, please see the Group FAQ page. We would like to see you come out and share with us!

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